ZAMBIA’s MOST HAPPENING COMEDIAN “MR CHINGLIZ”is not stopping to entertain you

Chingliz is the CEO of NIGHT OF LAUGHTER ,which is making noise not just in Zambia but the world at large

Chingliz is an engineer & a father too,he does comedy because he has a passion for it…seems like he’s good at what he does coz all his shows are a massive success…

He was just from having an amazing one man show called “Approved funny ”

And the turn out was massively packed

Chingliz states “Just like babies learn to sit and crawl before they can walk… I have also spent 6 years learning how to sit and crawl in Comedy, a time has come for me to walk but I don’t have money for a ba| walker so hold my hand and teach me how to walk on this journey I have started *Approved Funny*

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