Rapper Cassper Nyovest breaks the internet after saying he is South African hip-hop’s benchmark

Just days after AKA threw a massive gig in Pretoria, AKA Orchestra On The Square, his rival Cassper Nyovest has claimed the only reason his rivals are doing one-man shows is because of him.

Cassper has made it clear that he’s channelled his greatness and nothing anyone says or does will change his thoughts about how awesome he is. The dude even called himself the greatest to ever do it and the benchmark in SA hip-hop.

The rapper told his Twitter followers that he realised and was applying the power of loving himself and being his own hype man.

“Y’all don’t understand how important it is to love your damn self. That’s the only way to be happy. Speak highly of yourself. Settle into your greatness. Don’t let nobody tell you any different. You’re the sh*t!” he said.

The rapper added that he’s over putting validation “rights” in the hands of fickle people whose opinion changes willy nilly. He emphasised the fact that when it comes down to it, it’s every man for himself.

“(I) just wanna show you how people are quick to try to bring your spirit down as soon as you tweet anything positive about yourself, especially if it’s a fact. Be careful of that. That’s why self validation is the most important. Our people suffer from ‘Se uyaphapha syndrome’. Sad stuff,” he said.

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