Popular Pastor Lands In ‘BIG TROUBLE’ As Man ”Cured” Of Hiv, Dies After Failing To Take His Drugs..

As indicated | reports, the family of a dead man has  come forward to express their displeasure, claiming that the man Zakhele, | name  dead after he trusted that disputable South African based prophet, Pastor Alph Lukau had healed  him of HIV.

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Speaking with reporters, Nomthandazo Ndaba said her brother , Zakhele, quit taking his HIV drug after Pastor Alph Lukau laid

his hands on him. Lukau  made headlines just last month after he asserted that he had raised a Zimbabwean man from the dead in spite of the fact that he later withdrawn the statement and blamed the family for the “dead man” of making a sham of a miracle

According to Ndaba, her late sibling was a ‘staunch supporter’ of Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries Church which he participated fervently in 2016. She included that notwithstanding when Zakhele was ill, he would go to each service  regardless his health, not skipping one.

She went on to say that two months before his death, the family got a visit from home-based care workers who wanted to know why Zakhele was no longer showing up at the clinic to collect his medicine.

Despite being counselled and advised to take his medication, Zakhele refused to listen to the care-workers insisting that he had been cured. He died in December at the age of 34.

A video from the church supports the narrative as it shows Zakhele lying on a hospital bed with Pastor Lukau praying for him.

After the prayers, he starts walking around and a message appears which reads: “He’s healed of TB, diabetes and HIV.”

However, Alleluia Ministries International church’s spokesperson, Busi Gaca, denied that Zakhele had been healed saying,

At no stage does Pastor Lukau tell the man he’s healed. It’s rather his own testimony that he has received a miracle from God.

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