OMG!! Nasty C Expecting A Bundle Of Joy

Is Nasty C expecting a ba|? As he shares parental tips. Nasty C recently went live on Instagram where he gave his opinions on parenthood. In the video, Nasty C is heard directing his words to parents.

Nasty C has become an inspirational figure in his young life and people of different races and ages look up to him. One of the possible reasons for this is that he comes across as authentic. The rapper stated that parents must speak life onto their children’s lives and not inundate them with all things negative:

“Parents must let their children know that they have unlimited potential. Make sure you play the right type of stuff for them, stop playing news because it is always negative. They should actually call it bad news.

Play them those kiddies shows that teach them how to count, how to be polite, how to entertain people, how to be confident and how to own themselves.”

The rapper continued to add, “Teach them how to be themselves, unique and proud of who they are. Play some classic and gospel music around them, make sure they know about God.” 

#NastyCExpectingABundleOfJoyNasty C

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