Oh No! Its Daughter Kairo! – Rapper AKA Left Heartbroken

As many of you super fans already know, AKA has been nominated for an award at this year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and none other than the rappers number one fan, his daughter Kairo, has been petitioning for all of us to vote for her dad to win and get them both on a plane to Los Angeles.

It’s a public holiday but unfortunately, we started the day off with some pretty heartbreaking news from AKA. No, you’re crying.

AKA had to clear the air and fill us in on why Princess Kairo won’t be able to join him- before our tears waterlog our keyboards in a sad rage. He Tweeted:

Good Morning 

I have good news and bad news … the good news is that I’m off to LA and I’m feeling pretty positive about the win … the bad news is, Kairo & my Mom couldn’t get their US Visa’s

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