Sean Klein Yk happens to be Africa’s top-notch male vocalist

Kelvin Chibilika born 02nd October, 1997 under the label Am Back On This Page (A.B.O.T.P) is a Song Writer and Dancer whose Genre is Hip-Hop / Dance-Hall he goes | the stage name

Sean Klein Yk and happens to be Africa’s top-notch male vocalist that hails from the hub of the Copperbelt province in Ndola city, Zambia. He is slowly proving to be Zambia’s next big thing with his new impressive tracks.

In 2013 Sean Klein Yk joined the Music Industry with just a good vocal and a chorus, but no one thought this brilliant musician would be so talented. He has worked with many couple of artists across the country,

Earlier in 2018 continued his journey with AM BACK ON THIS PAGE music (A.B.O.T.P) and did a very catchy famous Hip-Hop song called ABO DANCE and was produced | T-Flex and Fraicy Beats. On his discography he has got songs like “Trying”, “She Freak” and “Voice Of A Young King the EP consisting of 5 Songs”

He believes the sky is not the limit, the secret is ‘Not giving up’ and his advice is “Challenges are there to make you strong, just be determined with what you are doing and you’ll eventually achieve it”. Sean Klein Yk has promised to give his best to all his fans, promoters and every one supporting the movement” his main Aim is to take his Music international.

Sean Klein Yk as a kid, he fell in love with Dancing and Singing at the age of 9. He started Dancing at the age of 10 in 2007 and singing at the age of 16, He used to watch a lot of dance moves via YouTube, back then and followed the versatile styles of artists such as Johnny Kush, Julian, Marvel Inc  and so much more at the age 0f 12 in 2009. In 2013. Sean Klein Yk joined the Music Industry with just a good vocal a but no one thought they have a brilliant musician and did it for 1 year and some months.

He took a break from music passion from 2014 to 2016 continued with his dance moves in Doogie, Jerk, Afro dance, Kwaito and many more. He had a couple of shows with his moves around the country; his last show was in Lubuto West Ndola Zambia where he injured himself on his ankie. Though his Dancing moves still remains in blood. Within 2016 was the officially for him to enter the Music Industry and decided to be showing his dancing skills in his music videos.

Sean Klein Yk started his Education at the age of 7 in 2004 – 2015. His first level was in 2004 – 2010 at Perseverance Primary School ndola Zambia and continued his second level at the same school from 2011- 2012, his final level was in 2013 – 2015 where he graduated with a full grade 12 certificate at Chifubu Secondary School in Ndola, Zambia.

The Label, AM BACK ON THIS PAGE (A.B.O.T.P) was established in 2011 where it was easy for him to start and make beautiful music through his Elder brother who inspired him too, to start with the music life the CEO of the label and go | the name of Wiseman Chibilika with his stage name Wise Vill.

Look out for more new songs from Sean Klein Yk

Here to prove that through hard work, determination and keeping your head up through the tears, you can make it

Find him on Twitter @Sean Klein Yk , on Facebook @Sean Klein Yk , on Instagram @Sean Klein Yk , and Other platforms AS SEAN KLEIN

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