Ifya UPND Fyabupuba, HH Wakaso Sana –JK refutes joining UPND

He writes;

I have never belonged to UPND and I will never in my life belong to this party. That picture you are circulating is an old one. What happened is that, me and my friends we went to HH and proposed that we do a song for him and his party. He agreed but he offered us K2, 500 each for a performance and said since he would be paying us, then there is no need for him to pay for the song.

We got surprised but we left.

I have come to conclude that HH wakaso sana. That is why many of his supporters are suffering. This is someone who has failed to help his lawyer Martha Mushipe with only $7,000 for rental but she fought battles for him.

I doubt HH will win any election with that attitude. My DNA, that of my children, and my family is PF and President Lungu is my second father.Uyu ena HHteti, wakaso mudala. As if his money is for juju.So mwilanjibika mufyabupuba

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