General Kanene Embarks On Search For Muzo

2 PAC wamu Zambia also known as General Kanene has embarked on a search for fellow artist MuZo. Muzo alias Alphonso who is believed to have lost his mind,disappeared two days ago and nobody knows where he is .

This prompted lusaka based musicians led | general Kanene and mwana wamukomboni Dalitso to go on a man hunt.

“Tizamupeza elo azapola”,these were the only words from Clifford Dimba. There has been mixed accusations and speculations following the unusual sickness of the talented vocalist.Others have accused fellow artists who are brothers of bewitching him, others say he went to sell his years in Tanzania on butter system for cash and fame, but changed his mind whilst being initiated into Satanism and others are suspecting he smoked a strong weed imported from south Africa called ” indoor cheese”. Kanene has provided two cars and k10,000 to help find MUZO.

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