BREAKING! Popular International Celebrity attacked, robbed and beaten in Nigeria ( See video )

A video of  J Cole getting attacked is circulating the Internet and people are talking about it. J Cole is in Nigeria to perform at a private event for 16 th birthday of a Nigerian Billionaire says a person familiar with the matter.

After the show, J Cole decided to hit the town and things got ugly. A random street man held on to him and he tried to force himself away from the guy. J Cole’s securities were not proactive enough to stop the guys from approaching him, a couple of guys took advantage of him and made away with some valuables.

J Cole got upset and pushed the guy back and the guy punched him few times. He was also robbed at the scene but he escaped unhurt. Check out the video below.

Here are 14 things you need to know about J. Cole, including the one about him dressed as a kangaroo.

1. J. Cole isn’t a fan of ‘The New Workout Plan’, despite sampling it on his song ‘Work Out’.

Despite sampling it one of his biggest hits, J. Cole has admitted that he isn’t a fan of the original song | Kanye West. On his latest single ‘False Prophet’, Cole also appears to take shots at Kanye. However the Fayetteville rapper claims that Yeezy’s debut album ‘College Dropout’ is one of his favourites.

2. His real name is actually Jermaine Lamar Cole. The rapper attempted to keep his rap alias similar to his real name.

3. The rapper was born on 28th January, 1985 in Frankfurt Germany, where his dad was based in the US Army. Cole’s mother is German. The family relocated to Fayetteville in North California when he was eight months old.

4. The talented teen started rhyming when he was 12 and started taking it more seriously three years later when he hooked-up with a local rap group called Bomm Sheltuh, which featured rappers Nervous Reck and FilthE Ritch.

5. When J. Cole met rapper Bomm Sheltuh, he was using the name Blaza and then he switched to Therapist after consulting the dictionary. He switched to the name J. Cole before releasing ‘The Come Up’.

6. Cole began laying his own beats down after his mother spent a whopping $1,300 on an ASR-X, which the aspiring rapper used to put together music in his bedroom.

7. In 2009, J. Cole played first-chair violinist in his high school Terry Sandford Orchestra. What’s even better is that Cole’s orchestra performed the theme songs from Mission Impossible and Batman!

8. Directed | Michel Gondry, Dave Chappelle’s Block Party took place in Brooklyn with performances from the likes of Kanye and Common – and J. Cole was in the front row! The rapper won tickets to the event and can be seen making a cameo in the accompanying film.

9. J. Cole is good friends with rapper Wale and they once freestyled together in a fast-food shop.

Head over to YouTube to watch what happened when Wale and J Cole descended on a Denny’s fast food joint after one of their shows.

10. When Cole met Jay Z, his first thought was “Damn, I’m taller than Jay-Z.”

Before putting pen to paper on his contract with Roc Nation, J. Cole has revealed that his first thought when he met Jay Z was: “Damn, I’m taller than Jay Z!” Cole is a whole one inch – 6′ 3″ – taller that Jay.

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