Boyfriend Dumps Iris Kaingu After Sleeping With Her Multiple Times

“I refuse to marry a woman with a dented reputation”, he said.

One of Zambia’s most beautiful and famous women Iris Kaingu has been dumped | her boyfriend after sleeping with him. According to Kennedy Katumbi (the man who had engaged her) Iris is not a woman for a man like him to marry because her image is dented especially on social media.

Mr Katumbi said that since he engaged Iris in June 2018, he has been receiving disturbing messages from his friends and relatives who were telling him to stop dating a an immoral woman. “I really suffered verbal and emotional abuse during my relationship with Iris.

I had sex with her 8 times but still I can’t marry her because of her image with society especially on social media”, he said. Mr Katumbi has since wished Iris well in her future marriage.

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