Beyonce liked photos of a Jay Z look-a-like from Tanzania, Jygga Lo

Mega star Jay Z has a doppelganger in Tanzania. The resemblance is so uncanny, you could think, the look-a-like is Jay Z’s son or younger brother.

Ramadhan Ali Lawi AKA Jygga Lo  grew up in the coastal town of Dar es Salam in Tanzania.

The self proclaimed ‘African Jay Z’ came into the limelight after being crowned winner in a look-a-like talent search in 2016.

Jygga Lo is also celebrated and recognized | numerous fans for his freakish resemblance to the American rapper. 

Besides just the looks, Jygga Lo, is super super talented rapper. He can spit rhymes, like you wouldn’t believe.

The bongo rapper revealed that when he was growing up he hated to be referred as a Jay Z look-a-like but now he relishes the title of Jay Z, the bongo star.

In an interview with Mo Faze, a Tanzanian vlog, Jygga Lo said:

“nilijua jay z nilipoona wimbo wake kwa tv mwaka WA 2013 [i came to know about jay z when i saw one of his song played on TV].”

Jygga Lo mimics everything Jay Z does. He dropped a 5:55 mix tape shortly after Jay Z had already dropped his mega successful 4:44.

Jygga Lo got a taste of viral fame when his photos trended for days.

In an interview he looked excited when he said he had heard that Beyonce, Jay Z’s wife liked his photo.

”niliambiwa kuwa beyonce ali like picha yangu [ i was told that beyonce liked my picture ].

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