AZSIC Got Talent – Rudeboi (Major)

Being  a force to reckon with,I believe Major has been that from the get go !

Major who’s real names are Mbita Sikazwe,was born in 1995 and  raised in Lusaka,Zambia 

Music has  always been his passion because of growing up in a house hold of people that love music,his siblings and  mum played a big roll 

His love for music on a professional level started in the 8th grade when he  realized He loved performing for an audience,He later joined the music club and started performing for his fellow classmates 

In 2008 Major had his first song titled Boss major produced | Extra large.The song was only popular among his friends and family in the community.

Major had been absent from the music scene until 2016 after relocating to China.Major got back to the scene with his hit song ‘Pay check’ produced | Real k(known as king Jackie) which did well in China  because it was produced | a Chinese producer. A couple months later Major met up with a Ghanaian rapper based in China called $pooks and made a song titled Walking and Rapping produced | Real K

They later started a group called winners circle but still did their individual music and were only called winners circle when the all on song together 

Major worked on joint Mixtape album with his partner $pooks titled R.E.A.L which was released in August 2017 

In 2018 Major worked with Zambian superstar Zack songs on a track titled ‘Likes me’ produced | Paul Kruz 

Have we seen the best of Major or this is just the beginning of his awesome journey 

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