AZSIC Got Talent – Meet Akio Sanga

Akio Morita Sanga is a Zambian Genius who is passionate about innovative work in different fields. His a Mechatronics Engineer who graduated from Shenyang Aerospace University in 2018. Akio found KAIRO which is an innovation center for interactive Art, Fashion, Engineering, Graphics and technology. KAIRO was founded in 2016 | Akio Morita Sanga. KAIRO means Kai’s Rave Organization, Kai meaning victory or triumphed in Chinese. 

Inspiration behind the Brand.

Akio created a KAIRO to solve problems at the foundation of a vision before it is created and manifested. Design is a blueprint of a vision before it’s executed, having a great design is crucial to the development of the vision. Great design communicates vision so I embarked on giving graphics design a cutting edge before I conquered other fields. Visual communication is very important in the world of digital marketing and social media. 

Challenges and Overcoming:

Ever Journey is not smooth, in the beginning our biggest challenge was getting our target market clients who can afford to pay for the quality work we aspired to create. Marketing to students who are hustling was never my goal. Earning trust from clients or future partners is never easy but we managed to accomplish this through strategic marketing. Overcoming all the difficult hurdles required delivering the right kind sponsorships to the right kinds of people in China. This helped expand the market online and in real life. Glory to God for seeing the plans being executed from the get go.

KAIRO is an award winning brand with one Africa Asia Award, One Entrepreneur of change from the Zambian Embassy and Global student entrepreneur awards. This recognition was awarded based on a consistent body of work.

For contact details on how to get your brand design please add Akio:

Akio Morita Sanga- +8615566206047

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