AZSIC Got Talent – Jay Trigga

Jay Trigga is a young Zambian artist/producer currently studying petroleum engineering in fushun ,He begun producing music at an early age of 14 and has worked up the ranks to become an artist even featuring one of Zambia’s top artists Yung Verbal late last year, he started out as strictly a producer and song writer till he gained the confidence to step on the mic and bring his words to life


He is a very versatile artistand gets most of his inspiration from artists / producers like Kanye West nastyc and drake as his core inspirations. His first project dropped on February 8his birthday and the ep was titled February 8 it went on to open doors and win him massive awards including performing at fete de la musiq(major French festival) and winning the AZSIC artist of change awardfor his efforts in music. His main aim is to inspire youth younger and older than him in any field that they can do it and still do well in school but his core message is thefight against depression having faced it himself he feels it’s his duty to help others through it too hence his first song on the album being die young a song that encourages people to keep living and not die young.


His new album symbolic rebirth just dropped and has received massive love internationally with his main song being make em dance which has surfed radio waves and is currently an anthem in fushun and Shenyang clubs and events. All in all we are yet to see what’s in store for this young talent as the year just began all his music currently on all major sites, stream here

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