AZSIC Got Talent – Blessings M. Kombe

Blessings is a Zambian Student studying in China, an Author, Poet, Speaker, Evangelist, and Mentor of Transformative Change, Obsessed with fostering implementation, meaningful, and lasting transformation, he applies practical strategy, implementation and Sustainability, A leading and founding pioneer of change initiative programs across the education, health and government sector. He has four books to his name CHAOTIC, REBUKE THEM, WAKE UP MY GENERATION AND LEADERSHIP REDEFINED.

Blessings regards himself as an all rounded Leader, and he has served in various diverse of Leadership, During his Junior High School he served as President of Student Union Council, Senior High school served as Head Prefect(Head boy) at Eagle International  School in Zambia, University level he has served as President of Tianjin Chengjian University Student Union , He served as Provincial President of Zambians in Tianjin Province (2017-2018), He served as the Provincial Minister of Education in the General Union of African Students in Tianjin Province, (2017 -2018), and He is Currently serving as the National President of the Association of Zambian Students in China (2018-2019) and also the National Ass. Communication Director of the Adventists Fellowship China (IAFC) (2018-2019), he is serving as the Provincial President of the General Union of African Students in Tianjin Province, An aspiring and upcoming politician with a passionate dream to one day become the President of the Republic of Zambia.Writing and speaking is something that helps him to add cement to the building up of other people’s lives. He discovered his writing and speaking abilities while serving as Head Boy during his high school. 

Blessings’ aim is to help bring to reality the Ability that can bring to reality the desires of the heart, and that Ability is God. To amplify the cause that it’s only through God we can bring change to our lives and the world at large. His greatest desire is to be an inspiration to his nation, Africa and the world at large.

He is a young man who is passionate about change concerning all sectors of life. he believes the youths are the future and hope of Africa and the World at large, hence he deposit much of time and attention to helping the young realize their present potential. He is an advocate of Peace and African and the Worlds Solidarity, A speaker on issues of development; cutting across all areas of life.


His response was?

 “I started writing not because I wanted fame and the lights, but because there was a greater need of change that this world desired to see and witness through inspired writings. There’s so much greatness that has been inbred within the hearts and souls of every youth out there, but the problem is that the majority we choose to focus on the lowly aspect of things and not work hard to highly seeing to it that a change is brought to a society that is gradually falling out of place. God is my drive and my focus, to achieve my passion of seeing a better society, I have chosen to incline my energy to the God who provides the possibility


His response was? 

When I just started my writing and establishing my ground as an Author I received a lot of opposition and criticism, such as, “Stop wasting your time, writing will do you no good in Zambia” “What makes you think people will spend their money to just buy your book? or even read your writing” “Find something else to do, writing books to help the nation grow is out of order, people don’t pay attention to positive things” “Blessings is a pretender, that young man is cheeky” “That young man is born again? Just wait for him he’ll be back to the world soon” and the list continues… Such words crushed me heavily, but one thing I never forgot is that to every great destiny there will always be obstacles and challenges, if you don’t experience them it is because you are not working hard enough. What matters is what you think and not what the world thinks, when God speaks greatness into your life, no man can shake that attribute expect you yourself, if you take heed to people’s negative comments. If you want to achieve and do something great, let not your heart and mind be focused | pleasing the majority and proving them wrong, the few that will believe in you are they that God is using to motivate your hard working spirit so keep pushing. My Parents believed in me, when no one else did, knowing that God is the reason to your Education, your talent, your career, your employment and desired plan of life, allow not the negative words of the surrounding turn down your already inbuilt greatness.

I when he published my 2nd book WAKE UP MY GENERATION, it hit the headlines, Times of Zambia listed me as Zambia’s Youngest Author, Schools hosted me to speak and motivate their students, and now I have 4 books to my name and much more to come, in 2017-2018 I was awarded | the General Union as the African Youngest Leader of the year, in 2018 I was given a honorary award LEADER OF CHANGE | the Zambian embassy in Beijing during 2018 Zambia Youth Awards. My 3rd book Rebuke them received an award during the Zambian Idea award in 2017. All this was successful because I had put God to be my success, of which can be of yours as well. 


His response was?

I have daily written hundreds of scripts about a lot of things, Many times I ask myself why do I do what I do? I mean why even bother when I can just sit back and watch things play out. Why don’t I just forget the rest and join the band wagon and enjoy?To be honest, I have done my best to keep quiet, to ignore the injustices, the wrong actions, the evil characters, the rusted generation and many youth’s misdeeds but I fail. I know this may not make sense to so many but this is my reality. The reality of a great generation, a great future, rehabilitating a generation that fears God haunts me, it makes me cry at night and takes away my sleep. The more I try to keep quiet about issues that affect our people, my fellow youths, and those growing up, the more oppressed I feel. Many have misunderstood this for hatred whenever I sound too negative about someone’s actions but far from it, this is about love. The love for people and not only our generation but also the next generation. Sometimes it appears like am doing it for the voiceless but the truth is I do it for my own peace too. I know in my quest for justice and truth, even for the unhopeful characters and behaviors, I may have offended so many but that is unintentional. This is about the love. The comfort in doing what is right, of every soul out there is a possibility of the comfort of other unhopeful individuals…


His Response was?

My dream above everything is the goodness and doing what’s right of my fellow youths and each and every person out there, and it’s that i pray for…. The good of our people…. The good of our young people and I will continue to freely offer my life, time, resources to give the best that I can to the society, nation, continent and world around me.

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